Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday's travels... NM to Claremore, Oklahoma

It was FREEZING in New Mexico... and let me tell you.. it is a LOVELY city.... just LOVELY.  We will not be vacationing there anytime soon... (it could be nice, but the area we saw briefly wasnt very nice.

We slept about 3 1/2 hours and then got up at 1230 pst / 130am mt. 

We drove in some pretty scary conditions.. This drive was NOT FUN!
We changed up the cars a bit... Jonah went to the corolla and the other two rode in the van... 

The dogs have been great!!!  Seriously... you dont even know they are there!!!

We stopped in Oklahoma City for lunch and met up with Chris and Chenoa and family!!!  Jonah got to meet this family for the first time!
We got to vicki's.... and the kids got to take a bath in her tub!  
Gotta go eat dinner... post more later


Ryan, Jane, Nate and Zach said...

Oh. Umm, I guess those pictures Hay and I were taking were saved on your computer. Nice view of my nostrils

Reynolds Family said...

Yeah! This means you are on your schedule and almost there by now! Keep posting!
Love Jen