Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday... Alta Loma to Alburqueque, NM

Sunday I had tooo much pepsi with my dinner, that I didnt get to bed till 1130pm.  Midnight, Jonah wakes up screaming... I was up with him for TWO HOURS... so 2am, I get to bed (on the floor because Hunter had croop and needed to be up on the bed).  And those of you native alta lomians... know that it was VERY windy EARLY monday morning... so after I put Joe to bed at 2am, I tryed to sleep on the floor with the wind occasionally waking me up!

330am, I get up (along with Jim and my mom) and we pack up... Bud arrives!
345am, Carrie arrives to wish us off!  (she is crazy dude... but it was fun to have a friend there to wish us off)
410am... we head off.. in the wind!
This is Hunter NOT wanting to wake up and go pee at 4am.
I know... not attractive, but you know what... it makes me BUST UP looking at it.  Jim took it.  This is before we got to Needles for breakfast.
Our car.  Bud is behind us in the Corolla.  Don't worry Helen, he didnt drive by himself long at all.  At lunch my mom and I took a mental silence break by driving the corolla.
I dont know if you can see it, but Bud is driving next to Hunter's GIGANTIC Alligator.  Yes, Kelly... we STILL have that Alligator... it is so important to Hunter that it couldnt go in the moving truck, it had to be in the car with us.
My mom and I in the corolla.
During the silent drive to NM.... I got to read some from Breaking Dawn!


Mike and Rachel said...

I cannot believe you posted that page of the book. You little spoiler you. It sounds like the trip is going well enough. Man, Georgia is far away!

Helen said...

I'm not worried. Just wish I was there. :)

Erin said...

The picture of you sleeping is hilarious!!!

Jenny and Scott Smith said...

I almost started reading that!!!! Grrrr!!!!