Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our drive from OK. to GEORGIA!

Our first stop... a rest stop right after the Arkansas border.... EARLY morning... 
It rained pretty much the whole drive.... This (below) is us crossing a bridge in Memphis...
Our drive... Nice View!
Our view of Joe in the rear view mirror
Getting close to GEORGIA
Ok... things I have learned about traveling across country...
1. In some states, not only do they have speed limits for how fast you go, they also have min. speed limits... so when you get to the speed limit sign it will tell you how fast you can go AND what speed you cant go under.
2.  There are small signs that tell you to drive safe.... EVERYWHERE... kinda got on my nerves... I mean, like a tiny sign is going to make me drive safe AND if I wasnt driving safe in the first place, i wouldnt see the dumb signs!
3. Seat covers are a LUXURY! (For peeing)
4.  I have seen actual people with mullets and overalls... :)
5. Presents for kids along the way is AWESOME
(BY THE WAY... my kids were AWESOME!!!  They were FANTASTIC travelers...)
6. It is great to travel in the early morning because the kids sleep threw more of the drive... HOWEVER... you get soooooooooooooo tired and mezmorized that you fight falling asleep while driving
7. Walmarts here are AWESOME.... and NICE!!!  (I will post pictures to prove it :)
8. In Arkansas... gas stations have SHOWERS for people who want to clean up...
9. California has a LOT of starbucks... Deanne gave me a gift card for starbucks (thanks Deanne) however I COULDNT use it till we got to Alabama... 
10... You mini van will get trashed with kids stuff!!!

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Mike and Rachel said...

Things you should know:
1. Minimum speed limit is only for the fast lane, not the whole freeway. Ideally, that lane should only be used for passing if there are more than 2 lanes.
2. I promise you Starbucks are on every corner in many places, if they aren't in Flowery Branch yet, they are coming. Starbucks reproduce like bunnies!!!
3. Just because you see mullets and overalls doesn't mean you should join in.
4. Walmart may appear nice, but don't be deceived. It is still Walmart and you will learn to loathe it in time. I think they train their workers to move slowly.
I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your home.