Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prestin's 17th b-day party... Sunday

Incase you havent caught on, I have posted my final week for you all to see what a crazy week we have had.  After church on Sunday... which by the way, was VERY emotional... VERY!  and dumb me didnt come prepared with tissues... AGAIN... I was a mess.... our pastor prayed for us at church and all our bible study came on stage and prayed for with us... JIMMY even cried!  (I think my mom posted it if you want to read it)
Then, from church... we had to PACK the cars up... THEN head to grandma smith's house to celebrate Prestin's 17th birthday.
Steve played with Hunter with the sidewalk chalk... the kids SOOOO enjoyed drawing all over grandmas back yard.  
Of course this was our "good bye" time with my aussie family...

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