Saturday, November 15, 2008

INK... Interactive Neighborhood for Kids

INK is a place where kids can come and play in an adult world.
Above is Hunter "flying" a plane

This is Kimberly playing with Jonah in the Dentist office
Jonah grocery shopping.
At this place we were there almost two hours.  The boys had a blast (Haley was at school).  Hunter spent 3/4ths of the time at the Thomas the Train table.  Shocker.  I got to follow Joe all around.... he is active dude! 
Above is Joe at the bank.  The talking penny told us all about money.  Jonah LOVED the talking penny.

I was invited by Kimberly to come to this place.  It was fun!  Her two boys had fun too!

Kimberly and her youngest son Corbin (Corbin is two months older then Joe)


Helen said...

What a neat place for kids! Young and old alike! :)

Ryan, Jane, Nate and Zach said...

Dang, that does look like a cool place to go!

psmith said...

Jonah & Hunt-man are so darn cute!!! What a great place! Wish I was there! boohoo