Sunday, November 09, 2008

finding our place

Sorry i haven't updated you guys in a while.  

It is weird being on this end of things... what I mean is, I have always lived in Alta Loma (for the most part) ... and attended the same church for ever, then when the Flipside broke off, I went there.... pretty much, I was never the "new girl."  I was always the one who was encouraged to help new people feel welcomed and belonged... and now I am on that end of it... I am the new girl trying to find my place in this new culture.  

I have a friend now... Kimberly!  She is super sweet and nice.  She lives in Jefferson and has two boys... (I have talked about her before) Her and her husband planted a church in Jefferson a few years back.  They, too, are non-natives to Georgia.  We have attended their church a few times in Jefferson.  It is about twenty minutes from our home.  We really enjoy Darrel (Kimberly's hubby) and his sermons and just who he is.... their church is small, which is nice.  I don't want to go to a HUGE church where you are just a number.... but on the other hand, there isn't a whole lot of friend choices for Haley... as in, NO girls are in her class in the church... she either goes with Hunter (which she has) or she sits with us in the big service.  

I have gone to a moms group that meets really close to my house.  It is not affliated with any religious groups... which is fine with me.... I kinda wanna see what else is out here.   I went only once.  I am not sure if I will go back.  They were all very nice.  It cost money to join and the kids that go are a lot younger then Hunter and he is who needs the socialization.... so we will see. 

This morning we went to Lanier Hills Church, in Gainesville.  It is about 35 minutes from us.  We really enjoyed it.  It has  some  groups for us to check out and possibly get involved with to meet people.   Haley and Hunter have the same class... which was a plus.  The only bummer is that the church isnt super close to where we live.  And some of the groups meet even farther then the church is from us.  

So we havent really found our home church yet.  We are still praying about which direction we should go.  Maybe we will continue to check out other churches closer to us. 

I am finding that I am having to put myself out there... I have to make the effort to meet people and ask questions.  I have to be brave and go to a play group without knowing anyone there.  It is easier then I thought... just time consuming.  Being a mom is time consuming as it is and to maintain the friendships you already have take up time and energy as well....  I guess I just pray there are girls out there who are willing to pour time into getting to know me.


aramigan said...

I completely agree with the time consuming part and I find that it when you have had life-long friends that you have grown with, you start to notice how hard it is to find that kind of comfort in new people. I am confident you will make plenty of good friends though.

Mike and Rachel said...

Hi Stef,

I don't know what Flowery Branch is like, but if you are going to buy a home there, I would really encourage you to find a church in your town. We were somewhat at home at a church here our first year, but found a church we really liked in a neighboring town (about 35 minutes). I was really unsettled about my kids being in kids programs that far from home and not being able to have church friends at their neighborhood school and then not being able to invite school friends to church functions since it was so far away. After all, if Erin didn't invite me to CBC, who knows when I would have had another invitation... Anyway the perfect church for us wasn't even in Castle Rock when we moved, it was planted about a year after we arrived right when we were really looking for a permanent church home. So anyway, you are way more likely to be involved if you are close to home. Wrestling an 18 month old gotta go. I will absolutely we praying for you guys about all of this. Church family is so important.

The Corbett's said...

Finding new friends as well as a church as been one of the greatest blessings and challenges to us as well. The first 6 months was challenging but it is also a time I look back on and smile. Please remember to embrace the newness because it only lasts a short while and it is such a great adventure!!! We will continue to pray for you guys!!! Love ya!!

Helen said...

You'll find both in time - friends and a church home - enjoy the search.

Georgia is lucky to have your family. Your move was California's loss. Miss you!

Jennifer said...

Tag, your it! Check out my blog for the rules.