Thursday, March 12, 2009

My mom, my aunt Shellie and Jasen come to visit

We went to Athens a few times... Athens, home of UGA... Georgia Bulldogs... Above is Jasen and I at The Grill and below... Shellie and my mom.

Above is Jasen, Shellie and Hunt and Joe walking in downtown Athens.
A truck in Watkinsville.. a city near Athens.  I thought it was pretty funny
The boys are getting along more and more each day.  Since Hunter is no longer in school... they actually play together :)  I love it.
Out on our deck

My mom and Shellie threw us all a party... presents... cake... good food... family and fun.... it was fun!  My mom had a hard time missing Scott's birthday and soon will miss mine... so this was their way of celebrating with us.

My grandma and pa Lembke got my kids some goodies... 
Playing loaded questions with the family... 
Playing Wii with Uncle Scoby
Jenny and Shellie
Lego Fun
We hung out... went to the mall, went to the flea market... it was fun to hang out and just be with family...

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Helen said...

Looks like you all had a great time. More relatives are coming soon. Have fun with the Vande side. Some day we'll make it out there. That's our plan anyway. :)