Friday, March 27, 2009

Len, Jenna and Scarlet come out to visit

On Jim's birthday his brother showed up with his family.  The funny thing, that ended up being the joke of their visit, was the moment they pulled up in our drive way, my voice left completely.  
Jonah looks so big next to baby scarlet.  It is funny how a baby can make your baby look so big.  The kids loved their littlest cousin.  Scarlet was all smiles.
Haley read to Aunt Jenna
Len with his beautiful daughter...
Jenna brought some goodies for the kids.... this is them watching their pills grow to animals.
Uncle Jimmy stealing cuddles from his niece.
We all played Monopoly Junior... Disney Channel version.... Hunter and Jenna won.
The stayed with us for three nights then left to Savanna, GA.  They return to our house today for a night, Len leaves for home tomorrow.

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Helen said...

They had a great time with you guys. We're so glad they got to visit.