Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jimmy turns 31

this year I let the kids pick out their gift for Dad... :)  Haley knew right off that she wanted ot get him the biggest bag of M&M's she could find.... Hunter needed some guidance... He first wanted to get dad a Thomas movie.... we had to have a talk about getting gifts that the person wants... hunter, then told me that dad LOVES Thomas.  :) 

He settled for the idea of getting him a game he could play with the kids... and JIm loves Monopoly so he got him Monopoly junior.... (Which Hunter won later on)...
The kids decorated their own wrapping paper.... 
Jonah got dad a high five :)
Len and Jenna arrived at our house on Jimmy's birthday!  So they got to meet some of our friends who came over Saturday to celebrate with dessert and some Wii fun!
From left to right... Crystal, and her husband, Jamey, Jonah and Jim, Rachael and her husband Chad. (Rachael was being a booger)
Darrel and Kimberly (Our pastor and family)  their two kids... Grady and Corbin. 
Jenny and Stef :)
Ok, so when it came down to sing him happy birthday.... I started, and NO ONE followed... and I had NO VOICE and it was SQUEAKY!!!  I was soooooooo glad that it wasnt captured on recorder... :)  Eventually everyone DID sing... 

Scott and Jenny got Jim a Braves t-shirt.  Jim and I have gone back and forth with our kids over our baseball teams.... I am an ANGEL fan!!!!  And Jim is all about the Red Sox... so our kids are stuck in a huge battle between their parents.... So we decided that our NATIONAL league team is the Braves.... a local team.... Jim still loves the Red Sox and I the Angels.... but since the Braves are ALWAYS on TV and will be at nice East Coast times, we will be watching more of their games.... :)  

Little trivia for our newest friends... Haley was born the year the Angels won the World Series... and both boys were born the same years that Boston won the World Series.  

We are BIG Baseball fans
And what would be a party without Jonah and Wii.... 

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