Friday, February 06, 2009

Sick sick and more sick

This week has been filled with illness.... 

Starting last week when Joe vomited.... Nice

Then Jimmy.... 

Then the boys got the runs.... :)

Then Hunter got broncitis

Then Haley vomit

Jonah an ear infection 

And today... Haley woke up with her eye glued shut with crap in it... pink eye.


The blessings in all this is I have had some awesome quality time with each kid individually.  Hunter and I got to spend four hours wednesday together... 

Haley truly is an AWESOME sick kid.  I mean, not that it is fun to be sick... but she was so easy.  She got up and did the vomit thing in the bathroom... no big clean up required... She lets you know what hurts and what she wants... (Unlike the untalking Jonah)

Hunter isnt a huge complainer when he is sick... he makes me look like a big ol' liar when I am in the doctors office... then when they check him out they see that he really is sick.  Hunter is super cuddly when he doesnt feel good.  

Jonah is the biggest pain in the sick department.  He wants to be cuddling with me when he vomits which means, I get all the vomit on me.   He screams and cries when something is wrong... he cant just say, "Mom, my ear hurts" 

Anyways... we are on the mend... at least that is what I hope.... So far Hunt and I are the only two who havent blown chunks so I hope it stays that way!


Beckie said...

Stef, maybe you should dig out some of those old receiving blankets to cover yourself when you are holding Jonah. ;) I am sorry your whole family is sick. :/ Hopefully everyone is on the uphill now. :)

Helen said...

Stef, it's so hard to have sick children. There is so much work and worry. I'll be praying for you guys. Love you.