Monday, February 09, 2009

Jenny's 24th Birthday

Here in Georgia... we have been told, that the only seat belt law they have is for the front seat, so Scott climbed in the back trunk area for the ride to the Olive Garden for Jenny's birthday dinner.
The girls outside the Olive Garden... I love Jenny's neckless.... Rachael, I think you made it... I LOVE IT!  Great job!
Chris and Curtis were out visiting Scott and they came with us to celebrate Jenny's birthday.  
Arent they cute?
The sign I made Jenny... :)  (If you are wondering what the nice display is inside my fireplace, it is a box and blankets to keep the draft out... :) 

Jimmy stayed home with the kids while we went to dinner.... he was being a bad man, just kidding... Jonah was having wheezing issues so we thought it best for the kids to stay home and because I am closer to Jenny then Jim is, I won and got to go.... lucky me :)

The above picture is JImmy and I giving Jonah one of many breathing treatments.... We were up all night giving Jonah breathing treatments... but this blog post isnt about that... it is ALL ABOUT JENNY
Jenny and her niece and nephews
Jenny cuddling with her sick nephew :(

Today is Jenny's actual Birthday.... she is at the age where she still likes getting older... :)  Happy birthday girlie.

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Helen said...

Happy Birthday to Jenny!!! Looks like she had a good one.

Does your flue in the fireplace work? Those drafts can be "drafty" :) when they are open.

I'm praying for Jonah, he looks so pitiful. After a big move like you've been though, it's not uncommon to get sick. All the adjusting to the climate and all. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Loved the photobooth pics.