Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A visit from Christine

Christine came to visit me.  She left her hubby (thank you Jonathan) and Mikah... her little one year old daughter, to come and hang out with an old friend (and when I say old I mean, I am old compared to her)  :)  Above is her reading the "All about Georgia" book Haley and Hunter made.
Jonah quickly warmed up to Christine... It had been 6 months since he last saw her. 
This is Hunter doing a "I miss Jonathan" dance... it was load, but cute. 
Friends... Christine and I met the last year I was teaching.  It was her first year.  She was a huge blessing to my life and we became instant friends... She knows all my lovely flaws and still wants to hang with me :)
She got to meet some of my friends and even got to go to my church.  
We took her to the Waffle House (above) and Five Guys (below)
We HAD to go to Mayfield dairy... 
We had some LATE nights... It was a BLAST... all my house hold chores were put off til after she left... but it was worth it.  :)  
Thanks Christine for coming out and visiting us in the sticks... :)  We had fun.  It was especially fun kicking your butt in card games.... :)  


psmith said...

it is sweet to have great friends!

Megan said...

How fun . . .that's sounds fun, coming out solo!!! Hmmm. :)

Helen said...

You are loved!

Christine said...

Ha ha-you know I beat your butt just as much as you beat me in those cars games! :o) Love the first pic-I was shocked to see my face right away when your blog popped up. :o) I had a great time, and will definitely be back. Love you!