Friday, January 09, 2009

Ahhh you gotta love AT&T

For a while now our internet has been a booger.... we could get on for five minutes then it would shut down for hours.... very frustrating to me since most of my social life is on here (sad I know).  SO I havent been able to update the blog because lets face it, it takes forever to upload photos on here and most blog posts take more then five minutes to type out :).

Jimmy is working for a Health Insurance company now.  He is REALLY excited about it.  Apparently it is a really good group that even Dave Ramsey would approve.  (Dave Ramsey is the founder of Financial Peace University which Jim and I took and it has changed our lives!)

Hunter is in preschool.  It is a great social outlet for him...

Haley still loves school.  She is becoming an excellent reader!  I cant believe how well she is reading!

Jonah has a lot of mommy time while the kids are in school.  It is so fun to hang out with him.  He gets a little obessed with ONE particular book and wants to read it for hours it seems... and when I say he wants to read it for hours... what I mean to say is he wants to sit in my lap and have me read it to him for hours... which is a blast at first.... but gets really old... and makes doing household chores harder... To help make the book more interesting for myself, I make up new words and sarcasism to it to make myself laugh... (Kinda like what Dan Houghton does in Honduras when he talks to the kids there in english as if they can understand him).

A quick Haley story...

H: Mom... Ethan kissed me yesterday at school.
Me: What?
With a HUGE smile, H: Ethan kissed me.
Trying to be aloof, me: Where?
H: At school
Me: no, where did he kiss you?
H: At school
Me:.... No, Where?
H:  In centers
Finally understanding that she isnt getting what I am asking...ME: No where on your body?
With another huge smile, H: My arm.
I got a huge smile.... it was cute. Very innocent :)


psmith said...

so ...this Ethan kid...he doesn't have a record or do drugs or have tatoos or smoke get the idea! Just kidding, I think! heehee Love, Nana

Megan said...

Haley . . . how cute!!!

The Houghton's said...

You make me smile with the Dan comment... that's the Dan I fell head over heals for. I'm smiling now... he's a goof.