Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SoCal Fires...

I have had a few family members and friends who don't live locally ask about the fires and what it was like where we lived. Here are a few pictures.
This was the view outside our house a week or so ago when we had all those fires. This smoke is from the Lake Arrowhead fire (I believe).
The Sun.
This is right off the Citrus Exit off the 210 fwy.


The Corbett's said...

Wow! Thanks for posting these

Anonymous said...

Good pictures, Stef.

It's hard to believe what fire can do. Even when you're not actually in it.


leigh ann said...

WOW...a little too close for comfort. Very good pictures of the fires. I hope it didn't get too much closer to you...:(

Michelle said...

The last picture is a little creepy. Like the blob is coming and you only have a little bit of fresh air left to breathe "Oh nooooo!". LOL! I always liked how the sun looked thru the smoke too...Cool pictures! <3M