Thursday, October 11, 2007

Erin's cool site

So I was blog hoppin' and saw Erin's blog on this website where you go and take this short 11 question quiz to see which presidential candidate you match best with... I was really shocked with my results!
Check it out and see who you get matched with... I matched with Mitt... which is funny because I don't care for him personally... but really, what politician do I like? NONE... The questions were a bit hard for me so I am not sure how well I really matched up with him....

Anyways... Here is the site... check it out! Select a Candidate 2008

Thanks Er for the site!

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Rachel said...

Tom Tancredo came up for me. He's from Colorado too. We only disagreed in two area and they aren't things I am passionate about so maybe I'll have to mark him for the primaries. He probably doesn't stand a chance though. Oh well, it was a fun quiz, my hubby took it too. He had five guys with more points than my top candidate. He must be a better American than I am! :)