Monday, September 28, 2009

Move Update

So, yes... we moved!  

Sept 19th was our big move in day!  We had Scott and Jenny, Gregg, and Pam help us.  Cyndi watched Haley and Lucy (our dog) and Crystal watched Joe and Hunt.  It was nice to have the kids taken care of during such a stressful event.  A HUGE blessing

All last week I spent unpacking and getting our house together.  For the most part we are all put together here in our new home.  We are really enjoying our new place.  We love being a part of a subdivision.  Yesterday we met two neighbors... One set came and brought us cookies to welcome us... AND invited us over for dinner!  WOW... SOOO nice.  They have a boy who is Jonah's age... and a dog that Lucy just loved!  They ended up hanging out with us for an hour.... the kids and dogs, played... 

At our new house the kids have their own rooms... I LOVE IT... haley's room is really suppose to be an office but Jenny made her a curtain door and we hung twinkly lights and have made it a very cool girlie room for our Hays (what Joe calls Haley).  The boys have their own bathroom so quests dont have to share a toilet with Hunter :).  That is nice... :) Jimmy has an office above the garage.  He works out of the home so it is nice that he can have his own office in a room I can shut and not have to show people :).  

We now live in Braselton (for you non georgians it is pronounced -brazzzz lllllll ton) we are only 5 minutes away from Scott and Jenny... (4 miles as apposed to 3 like at the old house).  

The kids get to attend the same school! 

The church that we have been attending, The Vine, is less then ten minutes away from us.  

The last month has been kinda crazy so forgive me for not being so great at getting on here and updating you all... 

We are hoping to buy the home we are in... we have to wait a year before we can... but the owner of the home has been more then willing to work with us!  YAY.  

I did start subbing... the pay isnt the greatest, but it is at my kids school and I get to have lunch with them and get to see what their school life is like and for that reason alone, it is worth it.  The staff at their school is awesome.  I really love the school they go to!  Subbing has made me miss the classroom... I am going to start looking into getting my Georgia teaching certificate.  Just in case. ... :)  I am not planning on going back as of yet, but you never know... plus, they do offer part time teaching positions without tenure and so I might jump in on that if it works out.

For those of you who dont know, my parents are moving out here in November.  They sold their home in Cali so fast... less then a week AND they got above what they were asking!  They are coming out in a week to look at homes before they move.  

We have joined a "cluster" group at the Vine.  It is like a care group.  We meet every week and they have babysitting!  The kids love it.  We are reading a book by Glenn Packiam called, Secondhand Jesus.  It is nice to be apart of a care group again.  

Well, I think that is good for now :)  


Anonymous said...

Stef, you forgot to mention my run for Mayor?


Megan said...

Are you settled yet? I'm glad you like the subdivision . . . I'm still smiling/wondering what all this talk is about Mayor? Doesn't that cost like thousands just to run? Maybe it's different in little Georgia towns. :) Keep us posted! I know facebook is easier, but since I'm here, I'm rattling on.