Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Season!!!

This month is FULL of birthdays for us!!! On top of a lot of friends who have birthdays... we also have close family members with birthdaysJimmy's brother, Len... turned 37!
Jimmy's dad, Bud, turned 65.
Jimmy's grandma, Ruth, (the kids know her as GG) turned 82!
And on Wednesday we have Haley's 5th birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

No way...Buddy cannot be 65..Happy Birthday to all the Anderson-Vandegrifts...and there's absolutely no way Len is 37...and of course GG seems to be getting younger every year...
Happy 5th B'day Haley...
Miss you all,
Gabe's Gdad

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! <3M