Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Adjusting to Baby Jonah

I wasnt sure how my kids were going to adjust to having a baby in the house... so far so good! They love him!!! Me, personally... I am having a way easier time adjusting to three then I did to two! Hunter story number 1...
When he came to visit Jonah and me in the hospital he came into the room and went right to Jonah, then turns to me and we had this conversation:
Hunter: Mommy, baby Jonah is here!
me: yep... he is
Hunter: I want to see your tummy
Me: ok...
Hunter: Are you having another baby Jonah?
I was not offended!! I thought it was funny!!! In case you aren't familiar with post baby belly, right after you have a baby, your tummy doesn't go flat right away... you tend to go home looking about 4 months pregnant...Hunter story #2....
He likes to be "helpful" He tries to share with Jonah...
- he has tried to give him fishy crackers (Baby Jonah was hungry)
- he found an empty play bottle and tried to feed it to him
- Hunter loves to have stuffed animals cover his whole body... so he did that to Jonah, so proudly.
He truly wants to play with him and he does these things with such a pure heart, but I do have to keep my eyes on him :)
Haley is very helpful! She goes and gets me diapers (she is to young to change a diaper... darn it) she will get me lots of things when I am feeding him. She loves her baby brother a LOT.
I know this isn't the most attractive picture of me, but that isn't why it is here... This morning, after a VERY long night, both older kids got up and crawled into bed with me. I had fed Jonah at 5am, and fell asleep with him on my chest. It is sweet to cuddle with all three of my kiddos in bed!
Megan took this of my kiddos... She is awesome!!!


Matt, Becky, Eric, Ryan & Kelly said...

Eric thought he was big enough to change diapers when Kelly was born - at 3 yrs old!! He actually didn't do too bad :) - I'd just re-arrange the diaper when he wasn't looking! I'm glad they're all getting along - they're all cuties.

Erin said...

alright you convinced me... I'm going for 3!!! J/K!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Whose little boy is that with the curly hair? AND, whose little boy with the Boston Red Socks cap on his bottom? Oh, yeah, my son's little boys. Like father like sons. And, who could forget that sweet, little GIRL with the curly hair. Go figure!!!


P.S. Those who don't know what Jimmy looked like when he was a youngster; curly, curly hair. You'd never know it now!

Anonymous said...

K that is the cutest picture of all you guys in bed. How sweet!

Michelle said...

OMG! I love the pictures of Jonah and the kiddos. So adorable! Great photography, great lookin' family. :) <3M

Julie said...

Wow Steph, congrats on the new addition to your family--he's GORGEOUS!!! And that last black and white pic is very nicely done.

psmith said...

I live for those cute Hunter stories! He will keep us entertained for years to come! You already know I LOVE those pictures...any pictures of my grandbabies!!!