Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jim and I celebrate Ten Years

Jim and I went to Myrtle Beach, NC for our Ten year anniverary!  It was awesome.  
My parents took all three kiddos while we went for a weekend away!  We left mid Friday and came home late Sunday.  We road in the car without any whining, or arguing, or asking a thousand questions... We took our time getting there.  We stayed up late and slept in... WOW it was a nice break!  Of course by Sunday we were ready to see our kiddos and give them cuddles!

This was Our first time going to the East Coast, since moving.  The beach was BEAUTIFUL!  Driving around Myrtle beach reminded us a LOT of California.  I was a little disappointed in that I couldnt watch the sun set over the water.  I missed that!  I also slept in, so I missed the sunrise over the water... :(

Over all... we had a GREAT time!

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Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

Congrats! hope you guys had great fun!