Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Egg Hunting with friends from The Vine

Joe and I get together with gals and their little preschoolers twice a month for playdates.  This month we had an easter egg hunt at Jessica Jone's house.  The kids had a blast!  Joe totally enjoyed himself!
He will actually leave my side to follow Brayden around!  It is cute.  Brayden is a year and 1/2 older, and is great with joe.  He will come over and seek Joe out and tell him to follow him!  It is cute!
Lunch time!
The kids got to decorate cookies.  Joe LOVED the decorating part... he, however, took no interest in EATING IT.  :) So I stepped up and ate it for him... :)

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Jessica said...

How brave of you to step in and eat Joe's cookie! Ha ha!