Friday, January 01, 2010


So, I have neglected my blog.... 
Things here have been pretty crazy since my parents moved here in mid November.

Here are some updates for ya

My parents moved here - mid November.  They were staying in a nearby RV park until the close of their home in Flowery Branch (The beginning of December).  Their RV park didn't offer WiFi or cable accesses... and it was really cold... so we saw a lot of them during their stay at the RV park.  
They moved into their home - beginning of December, and in only a few days after they moved in, my grandma Smith came to stay with them.  

Scott and I went out to California to get Grandma Smith in the beginning of December.   That was a very quick trip... we were only out there for one full day... but the trip was an awesome adventure.  I got to see many friends, and my beautiful mountains... :)  Both of which I have missed terribly! 
The flight back with Grandma was an adventure in and of itself.  She has dementia... So Scott and I got asked the same questions A LOT....
"Where are we going?"
"I'm moving? No one told me this."
"What happened to my house?"
"When am I going home?"
It was a trip I will remember always!!! The only time she seemed to get upset, was in the airport in Arizona, during our layover, which I quickly got out the cookies and offered her one... she seemed to forget her upsetness rather quickly :).

For the past 3 or 4 weeks, my grandma smith has been living at my parents house... it has been cool to see her... when we moved here to Georgia, 15 months ago, I never thought I would get to see my grandma again.  (morbid... I know)

Mid December, my grandma and pa Lembke (mom's parents) arrived... They came for a visit.  They DROVE from Cali to spend Christmas with us!!!!  I love them so much!  It was awesome to have them here.  I can't wait for them to move here too :)  

December 24th, my aunt Shellie, Uncle Steve and cousins, Deron, Jasen and Prestin arrived.  They, too, moved here from California.  (They had been living in Australia for 19 years before they moved back to California).  They are staying with my parents until they find a rental home nearby!
Christmas was a very crazy and exciting day!  Full of family!  It was awesome!!!

So as you can see, we have had family fun for a while here.  Things are starting to settle down and get back to the normal routine of life.  My grandparents left today to go back home to cali.... My Aussie family (aunt and uncle) are in the process of finding a home.... and soon the kids will be back in school.  

I will try and keep up better on my blog... :)  

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Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you! I bet you had no idea when you moved to Georgia, that your entire family would eventually follow. I would love to move to another state if I could take everyone I love with me.