Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Cold January

January has been very cold for us here in Braselton, Georgia.   We have had snow... ice... closed school... So new for us Cali's  (Above is our home morning after snow)
It is cold, yes, and yet... Joe feels the need to walk around our home with as little on as possible... :)  Above is him sitting in a brand new train table given to us from another family at our church.  They were so sweet and caring in giving us this table and all the accessories to go with it.  
Joe loved the snow... :)  (Above... him when it first started to snow)

This weekend was pretty exciting... 

All on Saturday...

My grandma Smith (the one who scott and I flew out to cali to bring here) had another "mini" stroke.  She got to a very scary point on Saturday!  She didnt know who we were... I asked her what she was watching on tv and she answered, "I dont know their address"  

Jenny and Scott had a water pipe thing burst due to freezing temps... Thankfully our good friend, Jamey, was able to come and help.  He rocks!!!  Their garage and basement were flooded... :(  

Haley got her finger slammed in a door (the door was locked) and her finger was crushed!!!  We all thought for sure it had to be broken... but it wasnt :).... Thankfully!  

Since our busy/crazy Saturday... things have mellowed... Grandma seems to be doing better!  Haley's finger is feeling better (still swollen a bit and tender...)

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