Sunday, June 21, 2009

Living Room Camp Out

The other night, me and the kids had a camp out in the living room.  We watched movies and ate junk :).
The dogs joined in.
Even Haley's groovy girls joined in on the fun.
Hunter started out with us but ended up in his room.  He likes his bed :).  
Just a side note... the quilt I am using and the quilt Hunter is using I made :)


Helen said...

Amazing likeness!!! You know what? When I saw that picture of Hunter on his "couch camp-out bed"...with the beautiful quilt you made...I thought it was a picture of Jimmy at that age. I honestly had to take a closer look. It was so dejavu!!!

cintaridlis said...

hey helen.. i love those quilt that you handsewn!! Its a great effort! Lovely! How i wish i am not lazy to start one...