Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It figures

It figures that once I update you guys that we are staying in our home 6 more months, that it changes... :)

Well, today, Jim got a call from the owner... and basically, they have changed their minds in extending our lease.  They would like to stick to the original lease agreement, which stated that our last day would be October 31.  This is fine with me because I have been looking forward to moving into a subdivision where the kids have freedom to ride bikes in the front yard.  

The only headache is 1... starting Sept 1, the home we are in goes on the market and therefore, people will be coming by to see the house. 2.... we now have to find another place to rent.  AND 3... we have to pack up and move... AGAIN. (to another temporary place) 


Jessica said...


Megan said...

That is a bummer!!!
Embrace the change coming . . . it sounds like there are more positives than leaving those pink walls! Possibly some new friendships in the subdivision!!! Or at least neighbors to borrow sugar from!

Michelle said...

I agree...this sucks but may be ANOTHER blessing in disguise.