Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time flies

I cant believe it is almost Christmas. 

Sorry I havent blogged in a while... to be honest... it doesnt feel that long ago.  

My parents and grandparents got here on Wednesday, the 17th. 

Hunter started preschool!!!  He got into a Georgia Pre-K program.  That means he goes for free.  The Georgia lottery pays for preschool here.  He REALLY likes it, but it doesnt compare to Mrs. Jones.  :).  She still wins our hearts.... (Mrs. Jones was his first preschool teacher in California).  Hunter really is a social kid.  He NEEDS to be around peers... I dont know how to explain it... but he just needs that contact with kids.  He needs to play and get that socialization we cant offer at home.  Does that make sense?  

The kids last day of school for Winter Break was Thursday and they dont go back to school until the Tuesday after New Years... Kinda cool.  

I am going to start subbing in January.  Only at Haley's school.... :)   I am excited :)

Scott and Jenny moved into their house yesterday.  It was great to have my dad here to help them.  Their house is three minutes from our home.  Their house is beautiful and I am so happy for them!!!  It is a split foyer like our home.  (That is pretty popular here in Georgia).  They have a privacy fence :)  which is NOT common here.  I am a little jealous of their fence.... :)  not really, but I would love to have one for our dogs.  

Our plans for Christmas...
Christmas eve we plan to have dinner at Scott and Jenny's.  On Christmas day we are having everyone here for breakfast and gifts and then at 3pm we are having a big meal thing at my aunt pam's.  

One funny story... 
i took jonah to a library craft thing last tuesday.  there... there was a fifteen year old helper who just fell in love with joe.  after about an hour there, the girl turns to me and says, "are you married to a skater?"  not knowing where she was going with this.... i answered, "no.... why do you ask?"  she nervously giggled then answered, "you talk like a skater."


Jennifer said...

"You talk like a skater" that is pretty funny! I wonder if she thinks all Californian's sound like skater or just you. Did ya ask? tee-hee

How exciting to have famiy living just 3 minutes from you, especially when you just moved so far from most of your family & friends. Ever since moving out to the IE, I still miss living close to all my family members. Thank God for MOPS and my church, but it is not the same.

Gina said...

That's so funny...we must all be married to for sure dude?

Missing you!

Helen said...

It sounds like the kids are loving Georgia. I'm so glad they are finding so many great things to keep them happy.

Ice skater? Roller skater? Skateboard skater? Hmmm! Interesting!